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At IdFilmCenter we promote a friendly and helpful community. We expect that everyone treats each other with respect and abide by our community guidelines, so that everyone will enjoy their time and have fun on this website! In order to do this, please make sure to read and follow these community guidelines:
The DOs:
  1. In FilmBox,
  • Upload videos that you have created (whole or in part) and to which you own the copyright; you can also upload videos that are of public domain.
  • Upload a video that is of max 25 minutes in duration, which fits in the one of the following categories:
    • Short Film,
    • Animation,
    • Film Trailer,
    • Commercial, and
    • Music Video.
  • Since IdFilmCenter is made as a dedication to Indonesian films, IdFilmCenter’s admins will only approve videos that are made by Indonesians. At least 3 out of 5 ‘main crew’ have to be Indonesian/Indonesian company. You can see our standard list of ‘main crew’ in the Upload Video form.
  • Watch and enjoy any video and then give a rating to that video, be it “good”, “ok”, or “bad”. You can only rate a video once; and for the videos that are nominated in our FilmBox Competition, your rating can help them win a prize.
  • Post a comment on a video, but always keep it civilized.
  • Follow the activities of other users. By following a user, you will receive a notification when they upload a new video.
  • We encourage the production and upload of original work. Every month, members who upload their creative videos, have a chance to win the month’s competition and receive a prize! So go and make amazing videos, and share them with the rest of the world!
  • Contribute and add relevant information (including photos, show reels, reviews, trivia, etc) on an existing film title. Please use the Contact Us button to contribute on existing titles (choose the category “Contribution”). We will check the uploaded content, and upon approval, we will add it to the site.
  • Help us to stay up-to-date by submitting content and information about upcoming film titles and projects. Please use the Upload New Title button to contribute on new titles.
  • Start a discussion on a film or join an existing one. You can do so via the film’s messageboard. Please stay on topic and always keep it civilized.
  • We strive to keep the information and content as accurate as possible, and we would like your help to keep it that way.
  • Share your knowledge! Help each other out by sharing experiences, help new comers, give feedback/criticism, etc. Always do so in a respectable manner.
  • Stay on topic! Comments, posts, and chats on a certain blog entry, messageboard topic, and/or a chat room should stay focused on the specific topic.
  • Keep private messages private. There’s a reason it’s called PRIVATE messaging, and not PUBLIC messaging.
  • Help us improve! If you find something lacking, or if there are certain features you would love to see on our website, or if you have a complaint, please don’t hesitate to let us know what’s on your mind via the feedback form on the Contact Us page.
The DON’Ts:
  1. In FilmBox,
  • DO NOT upload videos that contain any materials of which you don’t have the permission to use.
  • DO NOT upload videos containing any of the following content:
    • Graphic/Excessive Violence;
    • Pornographic Content;
    • Racism/Discrimination/Hate Speech/Bullying;
    • Anything that is illegal in Indonesia and Internationally;
  • DO NOT upload videos that didn’t involve at least three Indonesian crew;
  • DO NOT upload any content that you don’t have the right, or permission for:
  • DO NOT upload any content/information that is:
    • Inaccurate/false;
    • Libelous, slanderous or in any way defamatory;
  • DO NOT upload images that are too small;Size still to be detirmined
  • Even though we greatly value freedom of speech, some things won’t be tolerated. This includes:
    • Racism;
    • Discrimination of any kind (based on religion, gender, sexual preference, believes, ethnic/social background, etc.);
    • Rude behavior (such as excessive swearing, continuously insulting/harassing/intimidating/ bullying other members, stalking, threatening, revealing personal information of other users, inciting other users to commit acts of violence, breaking Indonesian and international law, or violating our terms of service , spamming);
    • Actor/People bashing (you might not like every actor in the world, and it’s your right to express that opinion, but keep it civilized and use arguments instead of insults);
  • Try not to post in ALL CAPS. This is considered shouting and is impolite.
  • DO NOT advertise products, services, companies or organizations. If you want to advertise something, go to our advertising page to see how you can advertise on our website;
         DO NOT be shy! DO interact with other members, chat with Indonesian film celebrities and have fun!
Some of the DON'Ts in greater detail:
Uploading videos without permission
When you upload a video without permission of the owner, you are violating the copyright of the video. The same goes when people upload a video that you have created, without you giving permission to do so. It is important to respect the copyright of others, because people that violate copyrights, can face legal problems. The easiest way to avoid any copyright problems, is by creating something original, using images and audio that you have created. If you have used material that you didn't create, make sure you have the permission of the copyright owner.
Graphic/Excessive Violence
This not only includes physical violence, but also content that aims to shock and/or disgust. Videos that only focus on showing gory and mindless violence, disturbing images, to shock the audience, are not allowed. If, however, certain shocking images are used in a broader context, we may approve it if it's not going too far. For example, a video showing goats being slaughtered is not allowed. But if the video shows a fragment of goats being slaughtered as a tradition during Idul Adha, that might be acceptable if it is not too gory or violent.
Pornographic Content
This includes most forms of nudity and especially if it's in a sexual context. Videos that focus only on sexual context will most likely not be approved. In some cases exceptions may be accepted if the content is educational, a documentary, and/or scientific. For example, a documentary about the history of Bali, containing some footage of topless women might be approved. But a video, only showing those topless women, won't be approved.
Racism/Discrimination/Hate Speech/Bullying
Racism should speak for itself. Discrimination includes any form of offensive comments towards a certain group of people. Hate speech is closely related to racism and discrimination. It incites hatred towards a certain group of people. The tricky thing with hate speech is deciding what is and is not acceptable. For example, it is okay to criticize an organization, but it is not okay to insult its members.
Bullying includes singling people out and continuously targeting a single person or small group.
Basically, anything that is harmful/hateful/disrespectful to an individual or a group of people is not allowed in any way, shape or form.
Illegal Activities
Illegal activities isn’t limited to videos showing someone breaking the law, but also includes videos (and other user-submitted content) that incite violence, are aimed at persuading others to do something that is illegal or dangerous, and impersonating another user or person.
Special notice: Children
At IdFilmCenter, videos featuring children are a sensitive issue and will be looked at stricter than other videos. This is to safeguard the wellbeing of the child(ren) involved. So please be careful when uploading videos that feature a child (or children).
Anybody under the age of 17 is considered a child on our website. 

Last Updated 5 September 2011

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