Yura Yunita - Get Along With You (Studio Live Version)  (2019)

Diunggah : 2019-10-03 08:10:51
Judul Asli : Yura Yunita - Get Along With You (Studio Live Version)
Tahun Produksi : 2019
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Durasi : 04:30 Menit

Official Music Video from Yura Yunita - Get Along With You (Studio Live Version) Subscribe Yura Yunita’s Channel here: https://smarturl.it/YURAYUNITASubscribe Stream Available on : https://backl.ink/25079860 This song is about when you really really love or like someone, you love the way he smiles, the way he acts/moves. He has always been in your mind. You always talk about him every time, you wanna be around him if you can. But when he’s already there, in front of your face. I dont know how, you’ll get nervous, freezing, and can’t barely make a sound whenever he’s around. I made 2 versions of this song. If you wanna hear something quite upbeat, spice up your mood, that makes you wanna dance, you can listen to this Studio Live Version. And If you wanna have a romantic, an intimate vibe, maybe you wanna cuddle up with your special one, then you can go to Get Along With You Piano Version on: https://backl.ink/13659532 So i hope you can connect with all of my songs in Merakit Deluxe Album. And hope you guys like and enjoy it. This is it!! GET ALONG WITH YOU STUDIO LIVE VERSION from MERAKIT DELUXE ALBUM