Tentram (Ost Mangkujiwo)  (2020)

Diunggah : 2021-01-12 13:01:48
Judul Asli : Tentram (Ost Mangkujiwo)
Tahun Produksi : 2020
Produser : -
Sutradara : -
Negara Produksi :
Durasi : 04:34 Menit

Written by Dalila Azkadiputri
Produced by STEVESMITH Production
Vocals by Dalila Azkadiputri
Piano and Mellotron by Rocky Irvano
Guitar, bass, and drums by Dega Putra
Strings by Iswara Giovanni
Mixed by Nara Anindyaguna
Mastered by Stephan Santoso
Copyrighted and published by STVS Records